Maria Degtiarenko is a Russian-American photographer based in New Orleans. She studied Film and Art History at the University of Virginia, has worked in art conservation, craft coffee, and graphic design, and has traveled widely. She uses in-camera multiple exposure techniques on 35mm film with her 1977 Mamiya to create visual stories that hover between still photography and moving pictures. Rather than freezing a moment in one frame, she layers many perspectives and details in a surreal photographic collage that is reminiscent of memory recall - the movement, abstraction, and imperfection of reaching back for something that might be more feeling than solid form. 

She has exhibited her work in the US and at the Italian La Guarimba Film Festival in collaboration with Amor Vacui Architecture Studio, has been featured in Defend New Orleans, and has collaborated with Bayou Magazine. 

You can find a selection of her work for sale during February/March 2020 at The Good Shop, 1114 Josephine St, New Orleans, LA. 


email: maria.degtiarenko@gmail.com

Instagram: @mdegtiarenko

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